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Branding Course

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Make the elusive concept of "branding" tactile and understandable with this four-week virtual course.


You will learn what branding is, develop a brand guide for your business and learn how this concept should be used throughout all parts of your business.

Investment: $389
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In this class, you will:

  • Make branding a tangible concept

  • Develop a brand guide for your business

  • Establish your brand's social presence

This course is for you if:

  • You own your own business and need to differentiate yourself

  • You want to be relevant, establish yourself among your competitors and stand our to your audience

  • You are tired of making mistakes that cost you money!

Sessions: 4

Includes: 1 hour a week of one-on-one consulting with Framed Marketing

What the heck is branding?! That is what I thought to myself when I first started my business. I started working with the advertising team at Framed for Facebook Ads and they kept referring to branding. I asked them and they provided a lot of information, but I wanted to get educated and know what I they were talking about. I took the branding course and immediately felt like I knew so much more about marketing. It's like they tied it all together for me, which was a first!


 I am grateful I took this course and now have the background to effectively discuss marketing strategies, content, and so much more.


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