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Develop Your Audience

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

A virtual, step-by-step course covering all things marketing. This four-session course will teach you the importance of understanding marketing to increase the success of your small to medium-sized business.


Investment: $389

In this class, you will:

  • Discover who your audience is

  • Nail down your current clients and attract your goal clients

  • Learn how to target your audience from different angles

  • Develop personas for your audience

  • Find where & how to reach your audience

This course is for you if:

  • You own your own business and need to get a better understanding of who you are serving

  • You are tired of wasting money on a half-way developed audience

  • You want to effectively market your business, services and products

Sessions: 4

Includes: 1 hour a week of one-on-one consulting with Framed Marketing

I think that as business owners, we all think we know who our clients are. Same goes for who we want our clients to be. But in reality, if you asked me any of the in-depth questions I was asked in this course before I took it, I could not have given you an answer. This course was not an obvious one for me to take. I actually took it because my CFO recommended I learn more about them before spending money on Marketing. 


Because of this course, I now have a clear understanding of who we are selling our products to, but more importantly - who we want to sell our products to! Take this course if you know what is best for your company.


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